Friends, the terrazzo trend. Can we talk about it? I am very (very) on the fence about this design choice. I’m actually leaning over into the “what are they thinking” camp. Because terrazzo is a state.ment. And one I suspect will feel very 2018 in about 2019. Terrazzo is on airport floors. I don’t think it should be in kitchens or bathrooms or anything built after 1974. But… then I spied this kitchen that features a creamy, soft, super neutral terrazzo. And now the terrazzo jury is out.

idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34

This version of terrazzo feels elegant. I realize I’m drawn to describe this kitchen as elegant because of all the other elegant elements in this space. The warm oak cabinetry is very stately and grounding. I love the joinery – it feels very architectural. The beautiful brass hardware elevates the cabinets to feel more urban and modern. And even the accessories dotted throughout the space – in black, white oak or silky cream tones all have sultry curved lines and sculptural shapes. Each element plays really well with the counters. The entire look feels very modern but organic at the same time.

idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34

While I love the soft grays, blues and even hints of blush pink mixed in these counters, the look is still not for the faint of heart. I mean that island is a very dramatic moment in this room. Even with the toned-down color palette, it is still a very bold choice.

idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34idea to steal: understated terrazzo on apartment 34

So I remain undecided. Well, correction. I can decisively say I really like the look of this kitchen. And yet could I ever actually live with terrazzo? I’m not 100% sold yet.

How about you? Are you into this look? Are down with this trend – even the bold styles – in general?

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kitchen design and images by nordiskakok

Friends, I think I may have found my latest design soul sister and she comes in the form of this stunning Australian apartment. The space is actually owned by a well-known Australian fashion blogger, Carmen Hamilton, founder of Chronicles of Her, so she isn’t a stranger to good style, but Hamilton wisely asked Decus Interiors (if you don’t know them, now you know) to bring her luxe vision to life. They done good. Rurl Good. Go on now, scroll!

Home Tour: Seriously Luxe Style on apartment 34Home Tour: Seriously Luxe Style on apartment 34Home Tour: Seriously Luxe Style on apartment 34Home Tour: Seriously Luxe Style on apartment 34

This apartment was apparently built in the 1940’s but you’d never know by looking at it now. Decus actually removed dated cornices on the ceiling in the living room and kitchen and installed the stretch of white beams instead. I love their graphic punch. While the walls are bright white, refinished timber floors warm everything up. I love the juxtaposition of the living room vs. the kitchen. The living room is grounded with cool blue-gray-black tones – a slate gray rug, jet-black coffee table and off-white linen couch seem like a little homage to the ocean off in the distance. Pops of warmth are brought in by the vintage leather chair P444 by Pierre Paulin (fancy!), textured pillows (mix your velvets and your wools people!) and the bits of pink in the artwork.

In contrast to the living room, the kitchen is very warm. My favorite feature is the epic marble island with a warm golden vein. Such a refreshing change from your standard gray. A variety of wood tones are also mixed into the room, from the pine cabinetry to the maple Osso bar stools and the continuation of those super light wood floors. The black countertop, the mirrored backsplash, and black appliances mirror the black in the adjoining living space – both literally and figuratively. The effect is damn sexy.

Home Tour: Seriously Luxe Style on apartment 34Home Tour: Seriously Luxe Style on apartment 34Home Tour: Seriously Luxe Style on apartment 34

An archway leading from the kitchen down the hall is painted a metallic high gloss pink. Love the little bit of whimsy in the otherwise decidedly sophisticated vibe.

Home Tour: Seriously Luxe Style on apartment 34 Home Tour: Seriously Luxe Style on apartment 34

The bedroom is similarly simple but seriously elevated. Nothing is overly adorned, but the colors and tones just draw you in. The warm woods of the bed frame, side table and the killer vintage chair in the corner soften the space. I love the touch of ochre mixed with gray and blush hues on the bed. And that copper table lamp is giving me life. I have to figure out where that beauty is from!

This home is the perfect mix of refined (see – theme!) and comfortable. It’s incredibly stylish but also feels like real people can live in it too. The home has a few smart additions of recognizable designers but it isn’t over the top or in your face. And it’s just really pretty. I think I’m in love. Scroll below to see how to get this look in your house – hopefully without having to move to Australia, although that would be nice too.

Home Tour: Seriously Luxe Style on apartment 34

SHOP: tango pendant by paul matter / charlotte perriand sconce / osso bar stool / art / serving ware / pillow / Kreten concrete side table / bludot table lamp / vintage T loung chair


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design by decus interiors / photography by felix forest

Gray kitchens have been having a moment, well…for much longer than a moment now. It’s about time some new kids come to town. And this is coming from someone who painted her dream kitchen gray. While black kitchens have been gaining ground and bright white kitchens remain the super safe bet, there’s a softer option for the color-phobes among us: I give you the clay kitchen.

clay is the new gray on apartment 34

Think of clay as gray’s softer, warmer cousin. It creates a beautiful, neutral backdrop that envelopes you like a hug of an old friend, but the hue still feels sophisticated and refined.

clay is the new gray on apartment 34

One of the great things about this color is its versatility. It can feel right at home in more rustic, country kitchens but also feels right at home in modern spaces. I love the look of clay lower cabinets contrasted against a lovely carrara counter and bright white walls in the kitchen above. The classic shaker style lends to a traditional feel, while the no-uppers is incredibly current. Little hits of dark in the sconce and staub pot are like drops of paint on a creamy canvas. It’s a gorgeous example of a kitchen design that will stand the test of time.

clay is the new gray on apartment 34

Clay looks just as gorgeous in an ultra modern setting. The tone on tone look of this kitchen is gorge. A concrete island and counters offer a cool contrast to the cabinets, warm wood floors and bar stools. A glossy white backsplash adds a little shine.

clay is the new gray on apartment 34

Floor to ceiling clay cabinets help the large scale of the piece blend in rather than feel overbearing.

clay is the new gray on apartment 34

This house carries the warm clay from the kitchen to its entry with beautiful effect. While this could look very Scandi if it were all bright white, this color offers a soothing alternative.

clay is the new gray on apartment 34clay is the new gray on apartment 34

While I’m never going to stop loving gray kitchens, I’m certainly developing a new kitchen crush. What say you? Are you feeling the clay? I’d love to know your thoughts.

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image 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

As we dive headlong into fall, I know the season is all about warm tones and tons of pumpkins, but this year I’m looking to create fall vibes without a gourd in sight (anyone else want to jump on this bandwagon? Just me??). Anywho, I will always, always come to back to gray interiors. They just make me happy. This is especially true in kitchens. Continue to scroll to see why.

gray kitchen on apartment 34  gray kitchen on apartment 34gray kitchen on apartment 34gray kitchen on apartment 34

We all want our kitchens to be stunning, fabulous spaces so we actually love spending all that time in them, right? If we spend a third of our lives asleep, we must spend at least a quarter in the kitchen. Or at least moms do. Regardless, while utilitarian in function, gray puts the sexy back in kitchen design. The examples above are proof positive gray is the way to go (sorry not sorry white kitchens).

Can kitchens be sexy? I dare say they can! A dark charcoal gray color creates a sober, yet glamorous chicness in a kitchen that I just love. That uber-dark gray is warmed up with brass hardware and fixtures, while lighter gray walls and marble counters further soften the look and keep the space from feeling too cave-like. If you really want to get in the mood add those herringbone floors. You’re sure to swoon every time you step on them.

gray kitchen on apartment 34gray kitchen on apartment 34

Now, if you feel like you only want to dip your toe into the gray kitchen pool, a lighter warmer gray on your cabinets is a good first step. When paired with bright white walls and soft wood floors you still maintain a light, bright feeling. You’re living near the edge – just not quite teetering over it.

What say you? You down to go gray this fall?

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kitchens 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Even though I’m still far from finishing the design of our own house, it’s impossible to resist dreaming of the next project. I always have “that new design idea” percolating in the back of my mind – especially when renovations drag on for years! My current day dream (be it pipe or not) is a house in wine country.

Now that we’ve been a stone’s throw from Napa and Sonoma for six years, the laid back, old world style has burned itself on my brain and I just can’t shake the vibe.

wine country kitchen inspiration on apartment 34wine country kitchen inspiration on apartment 34

My primary inspiration is the lovely Scribe Hacienda I’ve talked about previously in this post here. The over 100 year old Hacienda has been completely restored, pairing a perfect mix of modern timelessness with rustic charm – aka a recipe for an idyllic wine country house kitchen. I couldn’t help but start working on a moodboard of how my dream wine country kitchen might someday take shape. My primary inspiration is this stunning kitchen designed by Kohler.

wine country kitchen inspiration on apartment 34

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Old world materials like plaster and terra cotta are currently making a comeback and it’s easy to see why. Even though these materials can take longer to create or install, they’re made to last for generations. And they are stunning. Perfect for the kitchen of my dreams.

My wine country kitchen would also consist of nothing but soft tones – think creams, walnut, mauves and bronze – mixed materials and lots of texture, creating a warm, layered feel. I would want this kitchen to feel like it’d been there for years. Touches of vintage-like materials such as handmade tile and beautiful bronze hardware would pair perfectly with modern classics like the articulating faucet and elegant apron sink.

Ah, a girl can dream. For now, I’ll just have keep making return trips to Scribe.


 This post is brought you by Kohler. Click here for more great ideas.

If you love bright white spaces, it doesn’t get any more brilliant than this.


Like floor to extremely high ceiling, light and bright brilliant. Even the concrete kitchen countertops feel airy. Copper hardware, a few well-placed cutting boards and a fiddle leaf add warmth. Now, I’ll give that this isn’t the most practical color palette for daily life. That this space is, in fact, a photo studio makes a lot more sense. But that doesn’t mean it offer a little inspiration. If you’re not going to paint floor to ceiling anytime soon, a bright white piece or two will brighten up your winter.


SHOP THE LOOK: candles / stool / chair / table lamp / sconce / media stand / table / lamp

photography via rye london 

When it comes to cleaning, we all have misconceptions on what works best and what cleaners serve multiple purposes around the house. Homemade is great when it comes to cookies, but isn’t always best when it comes to cleaning. Especially when germs are involved. Clean or to sanitize/disinfect? How many people really know the difference between the two and what should they do where and when? There’s a difference between making your white counters sparkle and actually getting them clean – aka germ free.


Even when you think you’ve got this domestic goddess thing down, you might be surprised by what can be hidden in plain sight. During cold and flu season, myths can be just as contagious as the germs circulating. Between old wives’ tales and unique cleaning remedies, it can be hard to decipher what is myth and what is reality.

In order to stay healthy this season, it is important to know the difference between cleaning and sanitizing/disinfecting to keep your home safe. The kitchen and bathroom are places that can get exceptionally germy and require special attention. Knowing a friend whose toddler ended up in the hospital after getting the flu this year, I’m certainly feeling very motivated to keep bad germs at bay, I recently read that there are more E.coli in a kitchen sink than in a toilet after you flush it! Ew.


While there is a lot of talk around about cleaning alternatives, I was stunned to learn about the nitty-gritty differences between cleaning and disinfecting. I’ve often used a mix of vinegar and water to cleanse my kitchen surfaces. However, it’s been proven that vinegar is not as effective as bleach and does not kill as many germs. Researchers in infection control tested 5% vinegar against some common human pathogens and antibiotic-resistant bacteria and found that vinegar only kills 80% of germs and 82% of mold. Bleach disinfects to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

And bleach is in fact a natural compound. When added to water, it will disinfect and then turn into totally harmless table salt. Literally. In fact, if you’re in an emergency situation when you’re out in nature, you can purify water yourself with regular bleach. Simply add 1/8 of a teaspoon of bleach (not scented) to two gallons of water – or two drops per quart, cap it, shake well and let it sit for 30 minutes. It might not kill every parasite in existence but it will kill all of the bacteria – rendering it safe enough to keep you alive! I never knew that.


The key to using bleach correctly and safely is diluting it. Sure, no one appreciates the smell of a bottle of pure bleach. That’s because it’s highly concentrated to make sure the germ-killing power doesn’t degrade over time. But when you dilute bleach it becomes easy to work with while retaining its highly effective cleaning and disinfecting properties.

While you probably don’t need to disinfect on the daily (unless you have someone who is already sick in your household) you can use Clorox® Regular-Bleach to disinfect to keep your family safe by helping to reduce the spread of germs.

You can use Clorox® Regular-Bleach to clean and disinfect frequently touched hard surfaces, such as the bathtub, bathroom sinks and light switches, by doing the following:

> Use 1/2 cup of Clorox® Regular-Bleach in 1 gallon of water.

> Thoroughly wet the surface with the solution and allow it to remain on the surface for 5 minutes.

> Rinse with clean water and dry.

I had no idea, but you can in fact use Clorox® Regular-Bleach at home to sanitize sippy cups, teething rings and rubber duckies

> Make sure to select nonporous toys that are washable.

> Clean toys weekly according to instructions, keeping in mind that many toys can simply join your dishes in the dishwasher.

> Disinfect washable colorfast plastic toys with a solution of ½ cup Clorox® Regular-Bleach and 1 per gallon of water. Soak for 5 minutes, rinse and air dry.

Baby bottles, nipples, dishes, teething rings, sippy cups and high chairs can also be easily sanitized using Clorox® Regular-Bleach1. Soak washed items for 2 minutes in a solution of 2 tsp of Clorox® Regular-Bleach1 per gallon of water. Pour solution through nipples. Drain dry.

Trust me, before having kids I did not put nearly so much thought into the science behind cleaning, but now that I’ve got a little germ farm running through my house on a daily basis, it puts things in a new perspective. And since I did just invest the past two years in creating my dream kitchen, i might as well take proper care of it!

Here’s to staying happy and healthy this winter.

This post is in partnership with Clorox. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations I’m excited about and that have kept Apt34’s doors open


It’s a week of reveals around here. Or at least sneak peeks. Today, you’re getting a preview of my kitchen! I’ve teased about its design in the past (here, here and here to be exact), but I couldn’t’ be happier with the final result. One of the keys to creating a dream kitchen is picking the right appliances. There are a ton of choices out there, but I knew I wanted three things: the highest quality, great functionality and gorgeous design. Case in point: my refrigerator.


Don’t you just love it? Wait – you can’t see it!? That’s because I knew from the get-go that I wanted an integrated refrigerator. That’s when your refrigerator is covered to look like the rest of your cabinetry. Appliance trends tend to come and go and I wanted to ensure our kitchen would be timeless. Mission accomplished (if I do say so myself)

When it comes to amazing appliances there are only a few obvious options out there, but after doing my research I was sold on Thermador. The timing happened to be ideal – Thermador is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year – so they seemed fitting for my 100+ year old house! Thermador intentionally designs their their appliances to function as fully-flush integrated refrigeration that can seamlessly blend into virtually any design, and offer as much or as little refrigeration, freezer and wine preservation you desire.


We ended up selecting the Thermador Freedom® Collection refrigerator with french doors and freezer drawer below and I could not be happier. Thermador explains that their refrigeration system features technology that ensures better temperature management for optimum preservation. Basically, that means it keeps things really fresh for a really, really long time. Seriously, I’ve been so impressed. Our food doesn’t go to waste anymore. Th refrigerator drawers are sealed so the temperature flowing around the drawer keeps the contents fresher longer, up to twice as long. I used to hate opening the refrigerator only to have my chosen ingredient gone bad. Thing of the past!

But what I really love about my Thermador refrigerator is how it lets me store everything easily and most importantly, beautifully. The refrigerator features a full width meat drawer (which I’ve actually coopted for cheese), gallon door bins and adjustable shelves. It also has the best lighting of any refrigerator I’ve ever used. Turns out that’s all intentional too. Thermador placed its LED theater lighting on the sides of the columns to ensure that everything in the column can be seen and all labels are readable, making it even easier to spot those secret ingredients the cook has hidden way in the back.


Since I’ve been on an organizing kick lately (have you toured my pantry yet?), I turned to the professional organizing gurus at Neat Method to wave their magic want on my refrigerator as well. There are a few easy ways to take your fridge organization to the next level. I thought I’d leave you with Neat Method’s top refrigeration organization tips. I making use of them on the daily now and feel much more pulled together every time I open my fridge!

How should you approach organizing anything – fridge, kitchen, closet?

Don’t think it has to be all done at once. Organization should be done one space at a time or else you can get easily overwhelmed, burned out and quit. Even just getting one shelf or family of items, like nail polish, together, edited and binned, can feel like a major accomplishment. And it should!

When it come to creating an organized fridge what is the most important thing to consider?

Visibility. If you don’t see it, you won’t eat it and it will go bad.

What is the biggest complaint you hear about refrigerators?

Food is frequently lost/misplaced/forgotten. I have a two-fold strategy to combat this. One is clear glass food storage. Your prepared foods will always be visible. No more scary tinfoil package in the back corner everyone avoids. The second step is creating a leftover shelf or area in your fridge. If you need a quick lunch or dinner, you will know exactly where to reach and food is less likely to go bad. I even repackage take-out in my glass storage. This way I can see what’s in there and my refrigerator looks less chaotic with the coordinating storage containers.

How often should you “reorganize”?

A refrigerator should be “touched-up” every week or any time you do your big grocery shopping trip. All leftovers, produce and raw meat should be looked over to make sure they are still good. All new containers of hummus, cottage cheese, etc. should be rotated to the back so the partially full containers can be finished first. And it’s a good idea to take a quick peek in any vegetable or meat drawers to make sure nothing got “lost” in the back.

What are your top three tricks of the refrigerator organization trade?

1: Washing all refrigerated fruit immediately (besides berries) and placing them in an open container to encourage people to eat them. Something like a white ceramic berry basket or a pretty ceramic bowl. You can quickly pull the bowl out and set it on a table for a snack then it goes back in when done.
2: Make sure raw meat is in a drawer or separate bin that is easy to pull out and clean. No matter how on top of it you are, meat can leak and create havoc on your fridge.
3: Lazy Susans are a great way to corral condiments and encourage people to use them. If you see them, you will use them. (I love ours!)


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I realize it’s been quite a while since I’ve offered you an update on the Victorian. Well, that’s primarily because the old saying is true: when you move into a remodel still in progress the work slows waaayyy down. While things were livable when we moved in a few weeks back, they’re no where near “done.” There’s still a lot of finish work that’s left…well unfinished to date, but I’m slowly but surely trying to chip away at it. As of right now, the house feels a bit like we’re squatting in a really nice, albeit unfurnished airbnb.

So while I have to hold off on any big reveals until the house is in tiptop shape, I thought I could tide you over with some hints at what’s to come. For example, designing my dream kitchen. That was probably my favorite part of entire renovation process. I mean, I’d been dreaming about it for years at this point (the blog is almost 9 years old after all). While the kitchen wishlist was pretty standard; bright white counter tops, a stunning backsplash and a range to make a chef proud, I did add one detail that wasn’t part of my original must-haves.


Can you guess what it is? What do you not see in the image above?

Did you say appliances?! While working on our remodel designs, I fell in love with the idea of integrated appliances. That’s when you build cabinetry over the top to blend in with the rest of your kitchen seamlessly. The look is so clean, so polished. With integrated appliances the kitchen becomes the star rather than some stainless steel behemoth. I’m pretty obsessed with the look.


I love how this kitchen still feels very traditional, but timeless. The bit of molding on the cabinets and the classic marble backsplash give it such an elegant feel. Obviously an integrated look can also swing very modern with minimalist lines and dramatic touches like stainless steel counters, or a stunning waterfall island.

apt34-kitchen36b8404f6961a4fd0797493b4d4cf91347f88629 b3831a18744759.562ce90c202ee

We found the prefect refrigerator for the job, the Thermador Freedom Refrigeration system. Completely customizable, we were able find the perfect unit to fit our space. I love refrigerators with french doors. It makes is so much easier to access everything. And freezers on the bottom are a must. You get more storage area and how often do you really dip into your freezer? It’s nice to everything you use daily at arms reach.

I could not be happier with the look of our integrated Thermador appliances. Just like all the images above, the space feels clean, sleek and understated. I simply cannot wait until I can reveal everything to you, but for now, here’s a teaser of what you can expect to see when I do!



lambert & fils chandelier // benjamin moore storm gray paint // school house electric pulls // silestone by cosentino counters in zeus and backsplash in lusso // thermador freedom refrigeration // pendant

image 1 hecker guthrie / image 2 karlavagen 76 / image 3 by armelle habib / image 4 hecker guthrie / image 5 raya todorova

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