I’m currently working the design for my living room, but it’s proved a tougher challenge than I originally thought. The room has odd dimensions and we need for it to be a multi-use space with more than one sitting area. It also has a long desk area and is the primary play space for our son. You can see some of our Designer’s Take series that offered ideas for the space herehere and here. As I hunt around for solutions, one has bubbled to the top of my list: the Safari Daybed.

daybed trendsafari daybed trendsafari daybed trend safari daybed trendsafari daybed trendsafari daybed trendsafari daybed trend

Now, we’ve talked about daybeds around here before, but the safari daybed isn’t the traditional, could actually be a bed, variety. This version can really function more as a bench or a cot if you ever wanted to actually sleep on it. While there are some variations of this bed, the original OGK Safari Daybed actually was designed in 1962 by Danish designer Ole Gjerlov-Knudsen. The story goes that he designed it for his son who was heading off on a camping trip and didn’t want him to sleep on the ground. But what I love is the beautiful timeless design. It’s low profile, it’s understated. The use of natural materials including canvas, beech wood and sisal rope is beautiful. While many other daybed options take on a boho vibe, this daybed is minimal, modern and seriously chic. I think I might be sold!

What do you think? Would you put a safari daybed in your house?

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Books are a great way to add texture and personality to any room, but they don’t just have to sit on a shelf.


I love the look of books – or in this case – magazines, stacked on the floor. They allow you to add some additional height and interest to your space. Think of them as your own mini still-life art installation – one that you can change all the time.

belt books

But I’m particularly smitten with the idea of belting your collection. It makes the stack feel organized and very intentional. This would be the perfect solution for my collection of Kinfolk magazines. I’ve actually done this before with my magazine collection in my old Apt34 studio (you can see it here), but this stack is held together with an actual book belt! I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but I should have guessed. I’m so getting one of these to display some books in our house.

What do you think? Are you into the belted book look?!

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It’s our first Idea to Steal of the new year! While I’m actually not big on design trends as I think virtually anything can go when it comes to how you decorate – I have seen a particular style popping up recently: channel tufting. And the more I see, the more I like.


I was first reminded of the style in this post, but then realized channel tufting is popping up everywhere I turn. While the look can easily take on a vintage 70’s vibe, I’m loving examples of a more contemporary style. For example, I’m obsessed with that neutral chair above – it feel absolutely timeless. I want to track one down for our house. That chair is proof positive that if you find the right application, channel tufting is a great way to get a little additional personality into any room. Here are a few more examples:


In a bedroom, channel tufting adds texture and a great geometric pattern. When you use a refined, structured hand and pair the tufted piece with modern touches (do I spy a lindsey adelman sconce?!) the style is anything but dated.


Even throwback styles can feel fresh. When applied in brushed velvet with a 70’a hue, channel tufting takes on that classic vintage look. But when you pair that with of-the-moment touches like Moroccan rugs, midcentury furniture and killer lighting channel tufting still feels of the moment. And it’s actually an if-the-moment look you can even create yourself. The headboard and matching bed above are in fact a DIY you can recreate at home!

So what say you? Are you into this vintage inspired look? Do you think it a has a place in 2017?

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My current love affair with nontraditional holiday decor shows no sign of slowing. Today, I’ve got a holiday Idea to Steal – Christmas trees for your table top. Whether you live in a space too tiny for a traditional tree, or you simply want to add a little more holiday greenery around your home, a pine branch or two is all you need for mini trees.

vihrea1_suvisurlevifapt34_christmasidea  enhanced-buzz-10007-1386794298-11-1

Simply grab a branch of your favorite pine (I’m partial to Butte) and put it in your favorite vase. This tiny tree look can work with any style. Add one (or two) for eclectic shelfie perfection. Embrace the nordic influence and go black and white with your color palette. A pine bough in a black vase is rather striking. Mixed in with warm amber tones like in the pic above creates a cozy vibe. You could even add a little bauble to your branch. Or maybe a string of mini lights. But even naked, they lend a festive air. I think one might need to show up on my desk before my holiday decorating is done.

What do you think? Do you like this mini tree idea?

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So, I’m the first to admit I’m a print-phobe. I constantly admire the use of pattern in other people’s homes, but never feel brave enough to add it to my own. Even after reading Rebecca’s new book, I still feel nervous! But I recently came upon a genius solution for all us pattern wussies – removable tiles.


But this isn’t the removable wallpaper of yesteryear. Yes, removable wallpaper used to have a nasty stigma, but the stuff coming out these days is actually pretty fantastic. No vinyl allowed.

In this case, the Australian wallpaper and fabric design company Quercus & Co have created a gorgeous series of removable wall tiles that let you inject some color and texture virtually anywhere you’d like. And then simply peel it back off when you don’t like it!

Inspired by the palaces of Spain and North Africa, Quercus’s La Casa Wallpaper Tiles are hand-painted decorative designs digitally printed onto self-adhesive fabric. So it’s not going to look plastic-y or weirdly shiny. Instead, they just look gorgeous.


Unlike removable wallpaper, which often comes in roles, these individual tiles offer a lot of versatility. I absolutely love the idea of putting them on the risers of a staircase. How chic does that look?! Or maybe giving a piece of Ikea furniture a facelift. They could also be wonderful as an accent wall, or be used to punch up a powder room without the commitment and expense of traditional wallpaper.


The tiles themselves are really really good looking. The tones are soft and lovely, with a bit of a watercolor effect to them. If you’re looking to add a little Moroccan flair to your home, this seems like the perfect way to give it a try. Your only limitation is how creative you’re willing to get.

apt34-removable-tileapt34-removable-tile apt34-removable-tile

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Entryways can often present a design conundrum. Tight spaces mixed with the need for organization can lead to spaces filled with a bevy of stuff – console tables, baskets and coat racks or cheesy oversized entry organizations systems. But sometimes less is more.

I’m loving the look of a simple, classic entry bench. A bench can serve as an intentional piece of decor rather than a catchall, but still offer the function you need. I’m definitely stealing this idea.

Wessman_13-700x956homepolish-silverlake-living-03 bde4c2c48e45d446d641a65af674715a

A bench offers the functionality an entry needs. You can sit and put on shoes, set down a bag – even drop keys or mail in a small tray. If needed, hang a hook or two to capture a hat or coat. Sure you can’t hide away clutter, but that’s kind of the point. An open bench helps you avoid the traps of closets or other closed storage – cramming them too full, holding onto too many things you no longer need or forgetting what you actually have.

You can also use a bench as a place to display a few prized accents; maybe a favorite coffee table book or a fresh bouquet. It gives you something lovely to look at the moment you walk through the door.

And the bench itself can also be beautiful. There’s a long history of craftsmanship and design into this seemingly simple piece of furniture. After doing a little hunting, I found the perfect bench for my entry. Custom made in San Francisco by Moroccan Tazi Designs, I found a piece with classic construction features a black metal base and a thick mahogany slab in a natural finish. The look is understated and timeless. But it’s the brass feet that give it a little something special. I”m so excited to have this piece in our house!

Here’s a little inspiration for how I’m planning to finish off my entryway look. PS be sure to stop by Instagram today for a little sneak peek of my set up.



round mirror / santal 26 candle / ceramic objet / simplicity coffee table book / chasing slow coffee table book / candle sticks / tazi designs custom bench / glass beads 1, 2 / icelandic sheepskin / tray


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I’m working on designing the living room in our new/old house right now – because I’m getting really tired of sitting on boxes! I want to create a warm welcoming space that uses a restrained hand but still offers an unexpected element or two. I’m been keeping my eye out for a fun twist to throw in the mix. Lately, the hanging swing chair has been catching my eye!

KL1 (1)rotan-hangstoel Hanging+Chairs+--+Studio+McGeephoto-interieurs-deco-when-pictures-inspired-me-173-FrenchyFancy-1

More commonly found in children’s rooms, perhaps bedrooms, or outdoor areas, I’ve been seeing the hanging chair pop up in communal living spaces recently and I’m kind of loving it. They add a playful twist to any room, don’t you think? The mountain house below by design fave Studio McGee is a perfect example. Two hanging chairs tucked into the corner of an otherwise very sophisticated cool space, up the fun factor in a room that’s filled with luxe materials like leather, brass and velvet. While the space still feels very grown up and sophisticated you immediately know this is a room designed for fun.

Wood+tongue+and+groove+ceiling+--+Studio+McGeeperzisch-kleed apt34-swingchairTutze-Store-ou-lArt-de-vivre-aux-Pays-Bas-FrenchyFancy-6

I’m particularly fond of the rattan versions of these chairs that have a larger, looser weave, but I’d love to see one in a high gloss black. With a sexy icelandic sheepskin added to the seat, it would be a very luscious look, giving the chair a little edge and possibly a little more style longevity. Because you certainly want to be happy about your selection when you have to screw it into your ceiling! That’s a bit more commitment than your average seat.

What do you think? Would you put a hanging chair in your house? Here a few pretty good lookin’ ones -across every price point – to consider while I continue to debate…Would love for you to weigh in in the comment section below.


Serena & Lily Chair / CB2 Pod Chair / Burke Decor / Ikea


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Given that I’m currently on an exhaustive couch hunt searching for the perfect pieces for the Victorian, I have sofas on the brain. While I’ve yet to commit to a style (though sectionals are on the list), I’m also loving the vibe of a low-slung sofa look. I’m definitely thinking of stealing this idea.


The look feels modern, cool and design-forward, but also relaxed, easy and comfortable. It’s kind of the perfect storm. It’s definitely the feeling I’d love to evoke in our house. You can so easily curl up and read a book in one of these babies, take a nap, watch a movie. The more structured options still feel tailored and formal. They can also feel really casual. A vintage leather version would just be badass. There are current options like the classic 1970’s Togo Sofa from Ligne Roset, similar idea from BB Italia or this much more affordable style at Article. If you wanted to really go big, head to 1stdibs.

I’m not 100% committed to this sofa idea yet, but I think the low-slung style would be a great juxtaposition with our house’s historic details like the ornate crown molding and wide-plank hardwood floors. They’re also incredibly kid friendly. Bonus.

What say you? Anyone out there have this style of sofa? I’d be really intrigued to hear you experience with them. For now, the hunt continues!

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Move over fiddle leaf fig. There’s new cool kid in town and it’s a little prickly! Cactus are quickly becoming the house plant du jour and I’m on board (yes, even with having a one year old – when something hurts they learn quickly!).

12135278_105681179788993_1720404952_n Amber-Interiors-Before-and-After-ClientZtotheEtotheN-Neustadt-Photo-101tavelvagg-yellows_dkbohusgatan-cactus-kitcjen-brass-light-bulbs-marble-fantastic-frank-therese_winberg_photography_stylist_emma_wallmenKaktus 2stadshem3_optBP_SLIDE8-600x800  bohusgatan-hallway-black-green-white-fantastic-frank-therese_winberg_photography_stylist_emma_wallmen

I’m a big fan of any plant that looks super cool and sculptural and is really really hard to kill. I thought airplants would be easy. I was wrong. Cactus can live indoors or out. They can be tiny and displayed in multiples on a shelf, in your kitchen or bathroom. Or you can go big, buy a massive one and park it in a huge pot. Etsy is full of good pot options.

Cacti also come in a variety of shades and textures. You can really play with the visual you want. Some even flower – a lot! While I’m still trying to figure out both the layout and the light situation in our new house I think a cactus (or seven) will tide me over until I can go house plant crazy. If you’re into this idea as much as I am then you’ll love this entire blog devoted to cacti.

What do you think? Have you cultivated cacti in your home? Are you a fan??

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